The following picture was sent to me by Lori "Miller" Humbarger with her notes from the email below the picture.

Click on the picture for the full picture.


The group was the Host of Nations Club headed by one of the Spanish Teachers, Mr. Rodrigo.  

Picture was taken in 74.  They are all in Senior Class Book of 74 on page 144 all named. 

  This is who I recognize:

 Starting from the left end.  Sara Glenn, 74

Mary Bianco, 75 sitting towards our guide

Michael McClearly, 75 seated behind Mary Bianco

Mercedes Roberts, 74 Third from the top left

(me) Lori Miller, 74 standing on the seat of the cannon

Martha Aguire, Standing, number 8 from the left, second row

Nancy Larsen, fourth from the left, second row